Beyond Siberia-Riding the Road of Bones

Road of Bones
Australia,   2015    100 Min.
Director:     Robin Newell

Join Edmonton’s Eric Stieglitz, as he and group of intrepid Aussies, journey via motorcycle from London, England, to Magadan, a city on the far edge of Russia.

The 30,000-kilometre motorbike ride from London to Magadan, has been described as one of the most challenging motorbike rides in the world

Starting in Europe, they crisscross Russia, over the Caucus Mountains, though Central Asia along the historical Silk Road, deep into Mongolia, through the Siberian wilderness and an incredibly moving final ride through the infamous Road of Bones.

This is a spiritual wasteland where over two million people perished during Stalin’s reign of terror and their bodies were used as road fill.

Presented and narrated by Charley Boorman.

About Eric Stieglitz

“I started riding motorcycles and taking photographs right around the same time…. 1970-1971”

“Since that time I have amassed many 10’s of thousands of B&W Negatives, Color Slides, and now digital files”.  “Traveling via motorcycle and shooting photo’s blends together so seamlessly”.

“I consider myself a traveler who uses a motorcycle to get around ….not as a biker who happens to travel”

“Being exposed to all the elements makes the experience of travelling all the more rewarding”.  “You at one with whatever environment and situation you are in, at that exact moment.”

Being on a motorcycle, you are so much more accessible to each and every person you encounter, from the thousands of gas stations you visit, stuck in grinding traffic, the cafes you where stop for a break and that essential cup of coffee, the list is endless.

You are venerable, you are approachable, and people appreciate that.

You are not isolated from the world around you, surrounded by a steel cage, separate and hidden from the thousands of welcoming people you meet on each and every journey

I look to photograph the people I encounter and how they interact with their environment.

From teeming market places, gridlocked streets, colorful cafe’s, abandoned industrial sites and factories, there are infinite stories being told, on every street and on every corner of the world. I look to add my little bit to the narrative.

Having now traveled to over 60 countries, I look forward to working on the next 60…..

The next major trip I have is this August, across the northern outback of Australia, from Cairns to Broome, and then continuing on down the west coast to Perth.  For this trip I will be reunited with Simon Pavey, of Off Road Skills, Wales UK, and Mick McDonald of Compass. Needless to say this trip across Roadless tracks should be a blast.

After a week or so in and around Perth, visiting friends, I will head across the empty center of Australia, from Perth, and finishing in Brisbane. After a few days in Brisbane, it is off for 5 weeks in New Zealand.

In the early planning stage at this time, for the late spring, summer, 2017 is what I call the “long way back”.

I am considering stating in Korea, and taking the ferry to Vladivostok, Russia, and riding across the entire length of the Russian Federation, into the Baltics, Poland, and down through Eastern Europe, and eventually ending in Spain, where I can drop the bike a friends place.

Trip planning for me is sort of like checking if the “spaghetti is done”. You throw a bunch of ideas to the wall and see what sticks.

I am also planning to return to South America, the next few years as well, where I spent 8 months riding the round trip to Tierra Del Fuego, in 2009-2010.

Many mornings you can find me at the Red Goose Restaurant, pouring over maps and daydreaming about where and how to visit yet more exotic corners of the world. I currently have an exhibition of some of my photos at the Red Goose as well, so come check out the photos, and stay for the breakfast.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and or comments, I am more than happy to chat about traveling in general and motorcycle set up for Adventure traveling. Hope you hear from you and see you on the road

Eric Stieglitz

Show Schedule

  • 6:30pm : Door Opens
  • 6:50pm – 6:55pm : Intro by Eric Stieglitz
  • 6:55pm – 7:45  : Episode 1
  • 7:45pm – 8:00pm : Intermission & Slide Show by Eric Stieglitz
  • 8:00pm – 8:45pm : Episode 2
  • 8:45pm – 9:10pm : Q&A



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